Excellent Schools

Strong schools are the foundation of a successful community. It concerns me that there is not a mother of school aged children on the Board of Supervisors.

  • One of the main reasons I moved to Henrico County were the excellent schools. As your Supervisor, I’ll do all I can to support the progress of our school system. Great schools mean a vibrant workforce for tomorrow, strong real estate values and greater economic development opportunity.
  • I will be a tireless advocate for competitive salaries for our teachers. It’s important that we continue to retain and attract the best and brightest educators to Henrico County. And that we equip our educators with the tools and resources needed to do their vital work.
  • I will work to build even greater collaboration between our School Board, the Henrico Education Foundation and the Board of Supervisors so that all leaders can be working together for the interests of our students.
  • As our County continues to grow, the potential for continued challenges with school overcrowding will increase. I’ll work to ensure our School Board stays proactive and transparent in determining solutions to mitigate overcrowding.
  • In Brookland we are fortunate to have all our schools receiving passing grades from state and federal agencies, but that is not enough. Our children deserve the very best and we need to prioritize improvements in our public schools throughout the County.