Inclusive Community

Diversity makes the Brookland District strong. We are fortunate to have neighbors with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. I’ll work to keep Henrico inclusive and safe for all.

  • My husband has served as both a fire fighter and a police officer. His experiences have allowed me to see firsthand the value these public safety professionals bring to our community. I’ll support actions needed to make sure our first responders have the resources they need to do their vital and challenging jobs.
  • Henrico County is becoming more diverse each year. I want all residents of Henrico to feel safe, secure and welcome. I’ll work with schools, social services and public safety so that our County keeps progressing forward and serving all who call Henrico home.
  • Multigenerational diversity brings value to our communities. Having served as the primary caregiver for my grandmother, I look forward to the opportunity to advocate for programs and services that support senior citizens in Brookland.