Smart Development

My dad served nearly thirty years on the Planning Commission. As his daughter, and as an attorney, I know well planned development matters. Now and for the future.

  • The Brookland District is growing. New neighborhoods, businesses and infrastructure projects will be a constant presence for the foreseeable future. I’ll work to keep our zoning sound, and improve accuracy in projections for the schools and public safety resources necessary to meet the needs of our growing population. We can do better in planning for growth and making sure there are strong public and private partnerships to grow smartly.
  • Growth doesn’t have to mean sprawl. From Broad Street to Staples Mill, there are pockets of the Brookland District ripe for infill development that meets the needs of millennial generation residents and their older counterparts.
  • Going forward there are options to make our community safer for pedestrians and bike riders. I’ll work to identify areas where additional sidewalks are needed (especially around schools) and bike paths can enhance quality of life.
  • Through collaboration with state agencies and the General Assembly we can increase awareness for improvements to roads and bridges within the Brookland area. Identifying and prioritizing congestion points on our roadways for improvement will be an action item I’ll look forward to addressing as your representative.