Vibrant Economy

From attracting, revitalizing and supporting Brookland businesses I will do all I can as Supervisor to support businesses so they can create jobs and commerce can thrive.

  • Henrico County is recognized for fiscal prudence. For thirty-nine consecutive years, the Henrico County budget has kept the same rates or had reductions attached to it. If elected, I’d like to maintain this high level of budget diligence while evolving spending plans to best meet current and future needs.
  • While much of the district has flourished, other parts have lagged behind. Certain retail corridors in Brookland, including much of Staples Mill east of Parham Road are struggling. We must develop programs to revitalize any distressed pockets in Brookland, much as was done with the successful redevelopment of Willow Lawn. Revitalization creates jobs for citizens, enhances our community and increases the tax base.
  • The Brookland District is nationally recognized for sports tourism. I look forward to continuing to build on the successful programs we have in place to draw thousands of visitors and millions of dollars to our County each year.
  • Gaps between the east and west ends of the county are unacceptable. I look forward to advocating for an economy that serves all our citizens well.
  • We need to continue efforts to build relationships with the City of Richmond, Hanover, Chesterfield, Goochland and other neighboring municipalities. From extending bus routes, to improving opportunities for economic development through collaboration, strengthening ties with our neighbors will be valuable.
  • The way people work is changing. More and more companies are working virtually and their employees can live anywhere. With its excellent quality of life, Henrico County has a unique opportunity to attract these well-paid professionals to our community and our tax rolls. I’ll work to work to promote Henrico as the place to live for workers and entrepreneurs who have mobility.